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Giflr uses your browser to keep track of the GIF's you've cooked. Anyone can see a GIF as long as they have the URL, so this is just for not losing the URL's in the first place.

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About Giflr

Giflr is a web app for making (or remaking) animated GIF's from your webcam, still images or other animated GIF's in a sexy, swift and straightforward fashion. You can draw or add text, edit the size, speed and playback direction, move, scale and rotate stuff – all the while previewing the result, not having to guess the result of what you're doing.

Once you're GIF's been cooked, you'll get a URL where you can look at it. And by using that URL, others can look at it too! Giflr even lets you pin your GIF on Pinterest straight away.

As icing on the cake, Giflr is also available as a Chrome web app. You should definitely install it, that icon looks like no other on your desktop or new tab page!

Tips & tricks

Giflr packs a punch, and there are a few tips and tricks that are nice to know about. Here are a few:

  1. There are keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your editing (if your device has a keyboard). Here's the list.
  2. You can make an individual frame display for a longer time than the others by changing the number in the top right hand corner of the GIF preview. That's a multiplier, so if you set it to 2, that frame will display for twice as long as the others.
  3. You can set frame ranges for multiple objects at once– so if you've painted yourself a nice smiley, you can shift click on all your strokes and then set the frame range for all of them. Easy peasy.
  4. Set the frame range to just the current frame by typing "this" into the frame range input field, the word will transform into the number of the current frame.

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Things others have made

The loading GIF's are old school animations by Chuck Poynter. After retirement, he went on to pursuing his interests in computer programming and computer graphics. His hobbies bore plenty of fruit, and he left a legacy of animated GIF's that oozes warm and lovely 1990's internet culture!

The icons used in Giflr are packed in an icon font. The font has been generated using the app, and uses glyphs from Entypo as well as IcoMoon Free, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and GPL respectively.

As far as code goes, the drawing is done with the help of fabric.js, a fantastic Javascript library for canvas drawing. And the whole app relies on knockout.js for tying the interface together. Lots of ♥ to all the authors of those two libraries!

Offensive or illegal material

If you encounter offensive or illegal content on Giflr, please report it to us! You can do so by going to the page where the image in question is hosted, and clicking "Report abuse" in the bottom right corner. If you encountered the image on, for instance on, then go to to find the "Report abuse" link.


Keyboard shortcuts

If you have a keyboard on your device, here are some shortcuts you can use with Giflr. When talking about objects, I'm referring to things you add to the GIF, like text for instance.

Show keyboard shortcuts
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Writing mode
D or P
Drawing mode
Decrease GIF FPS
Increase GIF FPS
Page up
Raise object (place it above others)
Page down
Lower object (place it below others)
Remove object
Left arrow
Show previous frame
Right arrow
Show next frame
Toggle GIF playback
Exit webcam, drawing, writing or edit mode

Giflr is a web app for making or remixing animated GIF'sloading your image

Giflr is good for making a GIF of your face , for creating memes, or for just adding some text to an already nearly perfect GIF. You can read more about it here…

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Your GIF will be made public (but only those that have the link will know where to find it). It will be deleted automatically after 1 year.

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